Sunday, November 27, 2005

Once upon a time, there was a man named RAT...

..Well, more exactly those were his initials, but anyway, Lets continue.
RAT was lonely, being on his own in the harsh world, and he wanted to find the one to spend his life with.

Yet RAT had fun, doing all sorts of Kooky things, as you can see here.

Then one day RAT met his CAT and they married and were very happy together.

See details below from CAT.

But a long long time passed, and both of them were feeling like something was missing.

Almost eight years later, CAT and RAT were finally fulfilled by the arrival of the Little CAT.

She's who this page is all about.

Visit here to see her life as it unfolds, and pictures of the rat and two cats... and maybe someday, even another new RAT or CAT!

Little CAT was born on March 26 2005.

This page was born October 18 2005. - Little CAT really does not give the big one much time to write websites. :)


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